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September 29, 2006

(this is just a request) - TataMotors or any other companies

All companies setting up base in India, and who wanted a waste land for Small Economic Zones (SEZs) or software parks ..

My Advise... and suggestion

I have seen news in Times of India today, Bangalor edition(bussiness column) about 1Lak car from TATA. And I was suprised that Tata's donot get WestBengal's Land to setup a base.
I advise you to setup the plants in Andhra Pradesh's backward/medium backward areas like, Punganur region in Chittoor district. Where people do not have much industries or factories, no much employment there. Please look into the areas where there is no much agriculture land is not there. Like here lot of hill areas and all lands are not good for cultivation also, the areas and regions are ignored by all politicians from long back. So, please look the Punganur Region of Chittor District, AP for your plant to be setup.

There are lot of waste lands like this. Please capture.

Punganur is a town with less than 2 Kms radious, no jobs, no factories, no political advancements here. Punganur is a very good town in terms of weather through out the year. No much heat or winter.. no rains.. and also, it is very near to Bangalore (21/2 Hrs ) journey, Chennai (5hrs) journey in Car.

Great thing if you start a company or factory in this region..!!

Thank you,

September 22, 2006

Chennai news

Hi Chennai is still the same.. as old chennai.
No roads,
No proper busses,
same weather,
Traffic is horrible,
people are not changing their mind set..
as Bangalore and Hyd are changing with the time,
but chennai still
donot have good theaters,
no Telugu Movies ..
still lot of polution,
no LPG gas stations..
like in Bangalore.
Still no Auto meters..


September 01, 2006

hi kiran


January 17, 2005

SAP TechEd '04 Bangalore

January 12, 2005

Eclipse Downloads

JMaster Solutions : building blocks, with java. > about us

November 28, 2004

run time error messages : Java Glossary

November 08, 2004

Honorable Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam's Five Point Programme

Honorable Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam's Five Point Programme
A great scientist at the helm as President and an Economist as Prime
Minister. A country cannot
expect anything more than this for the growth.
> On 1st Nov.'04 he attended the a programme in Pondicherry University and
during the time he
proposed a Five Point Programme to be followed by the outgoing graduates.
This is applicable to
> 1) I will literate atleast 10 persons in Two years time.
> 2) I will plant atleast 10 trees and grow it properly.
> 3) I will help atleast 5 persons for their de-addication from
> 4) I will never differentiate anybody in the name of Religion, Caste &
> 5) I will not only stop the growth of corruption but also help to remove
> His vision is to nurture such great thoughts in the minds of school
children and outgoing colleage
students thereby create a Great India by the year 2020.
> Please forward this mail to all.

By : Ravinder Nagankeri from Patni , Chennai